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IUOE, Local 793 and OEBAC collect your personal information for the purpose of administering the Pension, Health and Welfare and Prepaid Legal Services Benefit Plans in accordance with the relevant Trust Agreements, Plan Documents, legislative requirements and the Benefit Plans' Trustees' fiduciary and other legal obligations. IUOE, Local 793 and OEBAC will not use or disclose personal information any other purpose, except with the consent of the member or where permitted or required to do so by law.


IUOE, Local 793 and OEBAC will disclose such personal information to third parties as is necessary for the administration of the Benefit Plans or to advise the IUOE, Local 793, OEBAC, and any of its service providers in any matters related to the administration of the Benefit Plans and the provision of benefits.


Subject to contractual or legal restrictions, you may withdraw or refuse consent. Refusal or withdrawal of consent may prevent the provision of benefits to you and/or your beneficiaries.  Every effort is made to ensure that your personal information is accurate.  You may access this personal information in your file, and, if necessary, correct any inaccuracies.

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