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  • What is OEBAC?
    The Operating Engineers Benefits Administration Corporation (OEBAC), is your new benefits plan administrator. OEBAC was founded by IUOE Local 793 to deliver best in-class service for the membership. OEBAC has taken over from Global Benefits in the administration of your benefits.
  • Are my plans or coverage changing?
    No! Your plans and coverage will stay the same. The only thing that is changing is who administers the plans. OEBAC has taken over from Global Benefits.
  • When does the Pension Plan transition to OEBAC?
    Pension Plan for all members changed over on January 1, 2020.
  • Can I get additional OEBAC Benefits Cards?
    Yes, just contact the OEBAC Member Service Center and a team member will assist you. NOTE: Your OEBAC Benefit Card info is also available in the OEBAC Mobile App.
  • How can I access the benefits booklets?
    The benefits booklets are now accessible on OEBAC Mobile and OEBAC Online. OEBAC Online: Log in to your member profile, select OEBAC Online, and find the benefits booklets under Resources. You will be directed to a PDF link of the booklet. If you wish to receive a hard copy of the benefits booklets instead, contact OEBAC and we will be happy to mail them to you. OEBAC Mobile: Log into the OEBAC Mobile App, select Resources, and then Booklet. A PDF document will be loaded to your phone’s web browser.
  • Can I still contact my Area Office?
    Yes! Your Area Office will continue to assist in answering your questions and concerns. They can also assist you in submitting your claims through the OEBAC Mobile App to receive your payments faster. If you have questions concerning your benefits coverage, your Area Office can help you to connect with an OEBAC staff for expert assistance.
  • Do I still need to keep my claims receipts?
    Yes, you must retain your claim receipts up to 18-months after submission for auditing purposes.
  • How do I submit a claim?
    You have several methods for claims submission. OEBAC Online and the OEBAC Mobile App allow you to submit with options 1 and 2. 1. Submit a claim by filling in the information: this method takes a little longer at the start, but is the fastest to have your claim paid. Most claims submitted using this method are paid within minutes. 2. Submit an image of a claim: this method is the fastest to submit, but takes a few days to pay your claim. 3. Mailed Claim: you can also submit via a paper claim through the mail. This method takes the longest and requires the proper form be included. The OEBAC Team cannot accept a claim without the proper form filled in and signed. If a claim comes in without a completed form or a signature, OEBAC needs to return to the sender. If you are mailing a claim, please make sure you have included all needed information.
  • How do I update my personal information?
    If you need to update your address information (i.e. mailing address or phone number) there are tools to do so online. Simply login to your member account on and select the option for Update Profile located beneath the Profile Information box on your main Account Overview page. Keeping your address and contact information up to date is very important to ensure your claims are paid as quickly as possible. NOTE: Updates to personal information are processed every Monday. Therefore, if you make changes after Monday, you will see them reflected on OEBAC Online or the OEBAC Mobile App the following week.
  • How do I update my beneficiary information?
    If you would like to make a change to your beneficiary or dependant information AFTER your enrolment window has closed, contact OEBAC directly. You will need to fill in a form and send to OEBAC with a date and signature. Once OEBAC has the signed form, your changes will be applied.
  • Why do some claims or other documents get returned?
    There are several possible reasons a document would be returned to a plan member. The most likely are as follows: The form was not signed and dated (the OEBAC Team cannot accept a form that is not signed and dated) There is missing or unclear information A claim was submitted via mail that does not have a proper claim form filled in, signed and dated If the designation of beneficiaries does not equal exactly 100 per cent Note: Mailed claims take the longest to process and if there is information missing, it will greatly delay payment. Please ensure you have included all needed information with a mailed claim.
  • Why is the OEBAC postal code different on postage paid envelopes?
    The postal code for the OEBAC office is listed as L6L 2Z9 on the postage paid envelopes due to Canada Post sorting processes. Don't worry, the postage paid envelopes will get to OEBAC. If you need the actual postal code for the 2201 Speers Road (Unit 1) address, it is L6L 2X9.
  • How can I check the status of my claim?
    You can easily check the status of all your claims in seconds using the OEBAC Mobile App and OEBAC Online. For more information, please see this article. If you do not have access to the app or a computer, please contact the OEBAC Team directly.
  • Which claims take the longest to process?
    There are a lot of factors involved, but by far the longest claims to process are the ones that are mailed to OEBAC without the proper form or with missing information. In the vast majority of cases, those claims must be returned to sender to be completed and re-mailed. To find out time saving tips for claims, please see this article.
  • Who can I speak to if I require counselling to help me or my family members?
    MEMBER ASSISTANCE PROGRAM (MAP) This confidential program is available under the Active Benefits Plan offers a Member Assistance Program through Members Health. This program offers the following coverage for Active Members and their Eligible Dependants. • Assessment counseling, case management and referral services. • Work-life support and resources. • Online services. • Trauma response service. • Employer / manager support services. Members Health provides the services to the Active Members on a strictly CONFIDENTIAL basis. The toll-free contact number for assistance is: 1-800-484-0152 and online at
  • What is OEBAC Online?
    OEBAC Online is a web feature added to your member account on to make your benefits more accessible. You can access it by logging into your account and selecting the red OEBAC ONLINE button located on the Account Overview page.
  • What is the OEBAC Mobile App?
    The OEBAC Mobile App is an app for your smartphone. It is available for both iOS and Android. The Media page includes video tutorials on downloading the OEBAC Mobile App.
  • What can I do with OEBAC Online and the OEBAC Mobile App?
    Using OEBAC Online and the OEBAC Mobile App, you can: Submit a claim Check the status of a claim, see the amount paid, and how the claim was adjudicated Check how much you have available in your Healthcare Spending Account (HCSA) Check how much of your plan maximums you have spent and how much is left on your balance View the details of your plan, and much more
  • Is OEBAC Online synced with the OEBAC Mobile App?
    Yes. Any information you input on OEBAC Online (i.e. banking information or claims submissions) will be reflected on OEBAC Mobile, and vice versa. NOTE: Updates to personal information are processed every Monday.
  • Can there be multiple users of the same OEBAC Mobile account?
    Yes. You and your dependants can both download OEBAC Mobile on separate devices and log into your account using your registration number and password. But please be advised that you cannot use the app at the same time. If more than one person tries to login, access will be denied to both users.
  • Who do I contact for help with OEBAC Online and the OEBAC Mobile App?
    If you experience issues with your account, please contact IUOE support. For other questions, please contact the OEBAC Team! Hours of Operation: Monday to Thursday: 8:30am - 9:00pm, Friday: 8:30am - 8:30pm Phone: 1-844-793-1919 Email: Address/Mailing: The Operating Engineers Benefits Administration Corporation (OEBAC) 2201 Speers Road, Unit 1 Oakville, ON L6L 2X9
  • What should I do if Service Canada stops paying my EI Regular Benefits because I reported I am receiving the Relief Grant?
    Contact Service Canada and inform officials at Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) in Ottawa are aware of the relief grant payments. Inform the Service Canada Agent that IUOE Local 793 established the COVID-19 Local 793 Emergency Relief Grant benefit of $250 per week to assist union members and their families during the COVID-19 crisis. Inform the Service Canada Agent the payment comes from the IUOE Local 793 Life and Health Benefits Trust. It is our position the COVID-19 Local 793 Emergency Relief Grant benefit is a "relief grant" as described under section 35(7)(c) of the Employment Insurance Regulations and as such should not reduce your EI entitlements.
  • What should I do if Service Canada claws back (reduces) my EI Regular Benefits?
    If your EI Regular Benefits are clawed back or reduced after reporting the Relief Grant contact Nella Paris of IUOE Local 793 immediately in one of the following ways and she will assist you with requesting a reconsideration: E-mail: Telephone: 905-469-9299 Ext 2231 or toll free 1-877-793-4863 Ext 2231
  • What if I want to submit a paper claim?
    Although paper claim forms are available, OEBAC recommends submitting your claims via OEBAC Online or the OEBAC Mobile App [Apple iOS] or [Android] as these methods have much shorter processing times and allow you to receive payment much faster. Our experts are happy to walk you through exactly how to submit via the website or Mobile App if you require assistance in doing so, or watch our video tutorials here. Still, if you prefer, paper claim forms can be obtained from the Forms page on the OEBAC website. If submitting a paper claim form to OEBAC, please ensure you include all of the following information: That you have completed the correct claim form in full, signed and dated; Your legal first and last name clearly printed on the form; Your full home address and telephone number, including postal code, clearly printed on the form; A copy of the invoice or receipt from your healthcare provider. If any of the above information is missing when your submission is received, your claim cannot be processed and will need to be resubmitted, meaning payment will be delayed as a result. Once completed, claim forms can be submitted for processing via either email ( or physical mail to: Operating Engineers Benefits Administration Corporation (OEBAC) 2201 Speers Road, Unit 1 Oakville, ON L6L 2X9 Important Note: Paper claim submissions are the most time consuming method of submitting a claim and result in longer wait times to receive payments. OEBAC recommends submitting claims via OEBAC Online or the OEBAC Mobile App.
  • What if I don’t have access to a printer?
    Excellent news! You do not need access to a printer to submit claims via the website or the OEBAC Mobile App. By submitting electronically via one of these methods your payment will also be received much faster, sometimes in as little as just a few minutes! Our OEBAC staff experts are more than happy to walk you through exactly how to submit claims via the website or the OEBAC Mobile App should you require assistance or check out our video tutorials. If you need to submit your claims via paper, and cannot print claim forms from the OEBAC website, you can request a claim form be mailed to you by calling or emailing either OEBAC or your local Area Office. Important Note: Though our staff will do their utmost to get paper forms mailed to your attention as quickly as possible, post office mailing times are beyond our control and may experience delays as a result of COVID-19. If you need to submit a claim urgently and/or require fast payment, we strongly recommend submitting via the website or OEBAC Mobile App for expedited processing.
  • What if my medical professional or healthcare service provider is unable to submit my claim electronically?
    Please have them try a second time, the OEBAC Cards and information work, but sometimes an error can be made trying to enter data. If your medical professional or healthcare service provider is unable to submit your claim electronically, you can arrange to make payment and obtain a detailed receipt. Submit your claim through OEBAC Online or the OEBAC Mobile App.
  • What if I am a member, but I don’t have a member profile set up online?
    If you are a Member in Good Standing with IUOE Local 793 and do not have an online account set up, register for one now at If you experience an issue, please contact IUOE Local 793 support.
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