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Your Union! Your Benefits & Pension! Your Adminstrator!

OEBAC building exterior

As part of the Local 793 family – which includes OETIO and the OE Banquet & Conference Centre – OEBAC operates without having to rely on the services of a third-party insurer, which means more money stays in the plan.

In 2019, Local 793 created the Operating Engineers Benefits Administration Corporation (OEBAC) to take over the day-to-day administration of the Union’s Life and Health Benefits Plan, Group Legal Plan and Pension Plan.

With Local 793 President Joe Redshaw leading OEBAC as Executive Director, members can be sure that OEBAC is focused on continuously improving the plans and putting contributions to work where they will make the most difference.

Through expanding the range of benefits available to members or by introducing new technology that makes it quicker and easier for members to make a claim and get reimbursed, OEBAC remains committed to providing a platinum level service and improving the quality of life of members and their families.

This all means that it's your Union, your benefits and pension and OEBAC is your Administrator!



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