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We are transitioning to a self-administration model for the IUOE Local 793 Life and Health Benefits Plan, Group Legal Plan and Pension Plan. With this move, the day-to-day administration responsibilities for these plans will be handled by the newly established Operating Engineers Benefits Administration Corporation (OEBAC), instead of by Global Benefits. This update provides some important information on the move and the timeline.

Key Dates

The transition will occur in several waves. It starts this Fall with the Life and Health Benefits Plan and Group Legal Plan. The final wave will be the Pension Plan early next year (Jan. 1, 2020). Remember, this is an administrative change only. Your health benefits, pension and legal plan are not changing.

Infographic: Transition Waves

Transition Waves

It’s all about you! You’ll benefit from an improved member experience — like the convenience of being able to submit your benefits claims online or through a mobile app, and a simple, easy-to-use service. Plus, your new OEBAC Benefits Card will be accepted at most dental offices as well as all major drugstores.

Infographic: Want to know more about your benefits?

Want to know more about your benefits?


Introduction to OEBAC

We’ll be printing a special issue of 793 Operator to introduce you to OEBAC (your new plan administrator), and provide important information. Make sure to read it carefully and keep it handy, so you know what to expect.

Check the mail

Shortly after receiving 793 Operator, you’ll receive instructions in the mail with details on how to verify your personal information on file. Closer to your transition date, you will receive your new OEBAC Benefits Card, for drug and dental purposes. Follow the instructions to help ensure a smooth transition.

Tax slips

Because this is a transition year, you will receive two T4As for your benefits: one for Jan. 1, 2019 up to your transition date (issued by Global Benefits), and one for the rest of the calendar year (issued by OEBAC). This applies for any tax slips you may receive for life insurance premiums, legal benefits premiums, union dues, contributions related to welfare overage hours, etc. All these documents will be posted on

Infographic: Follow these ABCs to help ensure

Follow these ABCs to help ensure



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