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Tips to speed payment of claims

The OEBAC Team is working through the backlog of claims due to the changeover from Global Benefits.

The fastest methods of having a claim paid are by using the OEBAC Mobile App and OEBAC Online; if you select the Enter Claim Details option, your claim is paid almost immediately in most cases (see image below).

Screenshot with annotations: OEBAC Mobile App

OEBAC Mobile App

The claims that take the most time to process are ones received through the mail that have a receipt / invoice, but do not have a proper claim form.

An OEBAC Customer Service Representative (CSR) cannot process a claim without a form and must contact the member in order to resolve. The majority of these claims have to be returned to the member. This takes time and slows both the payment process for the original claim, but it also keeps the CSR from processing something else.

If you mail in your claim, here are some helpful tips to get your claim paid as quickly as possible:

  • Make sure all information is easy to read.

  • Ensure you have the correct form, filled out in full included when you send in your claim via mail or email. Claim forms can be found at or you can request one by contacting your Area Office. The form must be signed by the member and Certificate # must be included. Do not use old Global Benefits claim forms.

  • Consider submitting Health and Welfare claims using OEBAC Online or the OEBAC Mobile App, these are paid quickly.

  • Ensure OEBAC has your Electronic Funded Transfer (EFT) information for direct deposit into your account.

  • For video tutorials on how to submit claims and receive payments quicker, please visit the Media page.

If you have any questions, please email

The OEBAC Team



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