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Quickly check status of a claim

The OEBAC Team is still experiencing a large volume of calls.

The top phone requests by far at this point are from members asking about the status of a claim. The OEBAC Team can help with this, but if you want to take a short cut, just look to the OEBAC Mobile App and OEBAC Online. See below for steps.

NOTE: Due to the amount of paper claims transferred from Global Benefits, OEBAC is dealing with a backlog. The team is working hard to resolve, but any help from members and any reduction in the amount of calls would be a great help.

Try these easy steps to check the status of a claim on your own:

OEBAC Mobile App

  • Log into the OEBAC Mobile App

  • To see your history, tap the Claims button at the bottom of the screen (Figure 1)

  • Find the claim you would like the status for, the symbol on the right of the screen will tell you the status. If you want more information, tap on that claim (Figure 2)

  • The status will be listed in the top part of the screen and additional information on the claim will be listed below (Figure 3)

Screenshots with annotations: OEBAC Mobile App

OEBAC Mobile App

OEBAC Online

  • Log on to

  • Click on the OEBAC ONLINE button

  • Click the Claims tab (located under your name on the top left)

  • Your Claims history will be listed on the page with a status update (Figure 4)

Screenshot with annotations: OEBAC Online

OEBAC Online

If you have additional questions around the status of a claim and need to contact OEBAC, be sure to have your Certificate # on your benefits card and the claim number ready to give to the Customer Service Rep.

You can reach the OEBAC Team at or by calling 1-844-793-1919 from Monday to Friday (8:30 AM and 10 AM).



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