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The Local 793 SUB Plan top-up benefit will be accessible on the Union website via your member profile.

There are two sections that must be completed when applying for the SUB Plan. Section 1 is Accessing the 793 Portal and Section 2 is Submitting a Claim. You can find the steps on how to complete each section below.

Section 1 - Accessing the 793 Portal:

  1. Go to the Local 793 website

  2. Log into your Local 793 account using your registration number

    • If you do not have an account already, then you will have to “Register” first

  3. Once you are logged in, on the main page it will say “SUB PLAN” with a button that says “Apply Here” – click “Apply Here”

  4. This will take you to a new page, the 793 Portal. This is where you will submit your SUB Plan

Section 2 - Submitting a Claim:

  1. Click “New Request”, the green button on the top of the web page

  2. This will take you to a 6 step application

    • Step 1: Understand the Benefits – reads information and click “I Understand, Lets Start” at the bottom

    • Step 2: View your Personal Information – confirm that your information is correct. Check the box that says “All my personal information shown here is accurate and complete”. Then click “Next”

    • Step 3: Describe you Employment Situation – fill in the blanks provided. Then click “Next”

      1. Employment disruption reason options: Unemployed, attending training program, injury/illness, or material/paternal leave

      2. Employer name

      3. Collective Agreement (NOTE: if you do not know your collective agreement, then simply write your area office location or “IUOE Local 793”)

      4. Operated equipment

    • Step 4: Enter your Claim – this is where you will select the days that you would like to claim and attach the supporting documentation. Then click “Next”

      • You must attach the following: most recent ROE and proof you have received EI payment from a Service Canada source (not a bank statement)

    • Step 5: Update your Banking Information – confirm that your banking information is correct. If you have never submitted your banking information or are correcting the existing banking information, then you must attach a void cheque. Then click “Next”

      • Note: If you are doing this on their smart phone, the “Next” button gets pushed into the top right corner of the webpage.

    • Step 6: Submit your Claim – this is where you will read the terms, then agree. You must check the box that says “Electronically acknowledged”. Then click “Submit”


What do I need to submit and how do I access this documentation?

  1. Most recent ROE (Record of Employment)

    • They are usually automatically sent to Service Canada so you may not have a copy. You can obtain one from your employer, or from your Service Canada account

  2. Proof that you have received EI payment. We no longer accept bank statements as proof, it must come from Service Canada. Options on how to obtain this:

    • Log onto the Service Canada account, going to “Payment Information”. This will take you to the “My Payment” page, where it will show each week that you have applied for EI and the amount you received. We require a screen shot of this payment schedule. Ensure you include a screen shot that includes your name, usually located top right of the “My Payment” page.

    • Call Service Canada and have them mail the documentation to you

    • Go to a Service Canada location

  3. You must also be on the out of work list. You do not need to submit proof of this because an OEBAC Member Service Representative will check with dispatch each time.

    • If you are in a training program, maternal/paternal leave, or illness/injury then you do not need to be on the out of work list

  4. If you are submitting because you are in a training program then you must submit a letter from the training program stating the start and end date of the program


How to resubmit a claim with the status “Returned”?

  1. Log into the portal

  2. Look at the requests you have completed and on the right-hand side, there is a column called “Available Actions”. For your returned claim, under that column will be a pencil icon that you select to edit your claim.

  3. Add the necessary documents you were requested to add as you go through the same steps to apply, selecting the “Next” button when each section is done.

  4. Once you have gone through your application and added what was requested, you will “Electronically acknowledged” and then click “Submit”.


How long will the claim take to process and when will they receive the payment?

The SUB claim is processed by the MSRs (Member Service Representatives) who also take your calls and respond to your voicemails and emails. On busier weeks, they do their best to have them done by end of week (3-5 business days), but it can sometimes take slightly longer (5-7business days).


Payments are sent out once a week. SUB plan payments are sent out on Friday, therefore any claims that are approved by Thursday end of day will be paid out to the bank the following Friday. The member will see the funds in their account anywhere from 1-3 business days. The amount of your “top-up” is subject to change until in your bank account.

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